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Most people promoting physical activity have fitness as their ‘thing’ and are motivated to do the exercise to achieve it; they don’t understand people, like me, who just really don’t like to exercise, or exertion in general. My ‘thing’, it turns out, is enjoying myself. I know that about myself now, and I accept it. Fortunately, I finally encountered computer programming which people actually pay me to do, and JumpRock which actually keeps me in shape and able to maintain a high level of energy most of the time.

I’m not a ‘be all you can be’ kind of a guy. But I discovered through a bizarre series of incidents starting with the army drafting me in 1969 – in basic training they actually made it official that I’m not a ‘be all you can be’ kind of guy, but I’d do – that fun is more fun if you have plenty of energy. The euphoria incident in basic was the first and only clue until years later, and I was effectively clueless when I got out of the army weighing 237 pounds twenty-two months later.

I finally, without really knowing it, put the knowledge to use eight years later at age 32 when I stumbled on a motivation technique I now call ‘Energy Focused Exercise’. I was trying to get myself to go beyond good intentions and actually ride a stationary bike every day – just knowing about the energy reward wasn’t enough. I was doubtful the simple approach I came up with would work, but it did, and I realized later, not for the reasons I thought it would. Over the next twenty-three years short-lived and infrequent diets and workout programs came and went, but the bike was there through it all. The bike wasn’t about fitness or weight or health. The bike was about energy and mood within the next hour.

At age 55 I discovered an activity that I enjoy rather than just tolerate – JumpRock. It’s so much fun that I don’t have to force myself to do it every day – I have to force myself to cut back when I overdo it. You can’t believe the euphoria of the music and jumping and endorphins combined. The better you get the more fun it is and the more creative.

This is what I looked like 39 years ago.

Rich in 1973

Extremely Stout and Shaggy San Fernando Valley Fashion Fiasco

Probably 1973, northern end of what was then the 213, but is currently deeply entrenched within the 818 I believe. I was shocked when I looked at this picture because it has to be two years or more after I got out of the army, so I have to be around 220 pounds, down from my high of 240 when I got out of the army in ’71. That looks about right, but I didn’t remember my face being so puffy. Notice how my elbows are held out to clear my love handles, or maybe my upper arms are propped on the fat in my upper back.

From that day to this, those love handles have never been as small as they are now in 2012.

Rich in 2012

Jumping and Enjoying the Music

Imagine how many years I could have saved of suffering from the consequences of carrying too much weight; heartburn, fatigue, discomfort. Imagine how much easier it would have been to lose the weight if I had discovered JumpRock then instead of 30 years later. All those days of extra energy and improved mood on demand. I sometimes imagine what it would be like if I could go back in time and tell myself all about it.

You may know somebody in a similar situation, or you may be in a similar situation, and if you are in a situation like that, imagine yourself fit and healthy 35 years on coming back with that very message speaking to present-day you through this website.

All I can tell you is I’ve never felt better or been in better shape. I know I look younger than 5 years ago, and probably 10. I never expected it, and since I discovered JumpRock it’s been all fun.

The more stamina you build, the more the sensation of fatigue becomes manageable. You can get close to your limit without feeling distressed. I know the difference, I can still remember runnning the mile in Basic, if you can call it running. And when I used to ride the exercise bike and push myself hard at the end it was really tiring in the same way.

I think it’s because JumpRock is so fine-grained. Each ‘jump’ can be a very small effort but they add up to a lot. It’s easy to vary speed and change the muscles being exerted. You naturally start adjusting your pace to fit your energy level, which makes jumping to music that much more interesting. And I love music more than ever which, at 68, is incredible to me.

Quest for Endorphins — Fitness through pleasure.
Pleasure through fitness.
~Rich W

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