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Expecting Failure

If you can’t be a good example, you’ll just have to be a horrible warning. – Catherine Aird This post is not about exercise. But in the end it is about how exercise saved me from myself. This is not … Continue reading

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When I’m 64

The Beatles sang “When I’m 64”, way back in 1967;  I was 20 years old and the idea of personally being that old was  horrifying.  Actually, I couldn’t even grasp the concept.  2011 was 44 years in the future, after the … Continue reading

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The Point of This Blog

My goal is to prove to you by example that even if you don’t like exercise you can end up going into old age at say, age 63, like myself, in amazing shape without being an exercise fanatic or even … Continue reading

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How It Worked For Me

I started computer school when I was about 31, which was also when I started, like most middle-aged people, to feel like death warmed-over when I got home from my mostly sedentary job every day. So when I wanted to study … Continue reading

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