Keeping The Hoop Down – Sep 3, 2014

As the hoop rotates faster it tends to rise up the torso especially when you’re moving around at the same time.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it’s more enjoyable and there’s a feeling of more control if you keep it down around your hips.

Here’s a video on how I addressed the problem:

I'll be 70 in less than 6 months (it's Dec 2016 now) and never expected to be in this kind of shape or have this kind of stamina, at any age. Then I discovered JumpRock at 55 and HoopRock at 66. Both are so much fun it's actually easy to get fit and stay that way; this blog is to encourage you to follow my example and be in great shape yourself going into old age - that's all I can promise for now - we'll see how actual old age goes. I'm highly optimistic.
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