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Solipsism / Is There Anybody Out There?

A lady wanders into a lecture on Solipsism not knowing what the word means and when it’s over goes up to the lecturer and says “Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one!!” (Don’t know the author of that … Continue reading

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Without looking at a dictionary first, I’m going to tell you my definition of Euphoria. Euphoria is having a feeling of perfect well-being. Awareness of life’s problems varies from none at all to knowing about them but not caring because … Continue reading

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Lower Your Expectations

I’m sure you’re familiar with the exhortations to “Be all you can be”, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. That’s fine, unless you’re dealing with staying fit and living day-to-day life in the real world. Here’s one … Continue reading

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Too Good To Be True?

It sounds too good to be true that you can follow a mechanical process and end up motivated to exercise through pleasure. But why so? It makes total sense biologically and psychologically. But the toughest thing of all is to make … Continue reading

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Jump Rock

Twenty-three years after I started riding an exercise bike every day I started jumping rope. My goal was to spend less time working out. I was usually riding the bike or doing some other exercise twice a day, which ate … Continue reading

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