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Burned Out After Work? Do The Hardest Thing You Can Think Of

If you’re burned out after work, probably the hardest thing to do is exercise. You just feel so exhausted or bored or depressed, or any combination of the three, maybe to the point you perversely almost don’t want to feel … Continue reading

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Lower Your Expectations

I’m sure you’re familiar with the exhortations to “Be all you can be”, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. That’s fine, unless you’re dealing with staying fit and living day-to-day life in the real world. Here’s one … Continue reading

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Jump Rock

Twenty-three years after I started riding an exercise bike every day I started jumping rope. My goal was to spend less time working out. I was usually riding the bike or doing some other exercise twice a day, which ate … Continue reading

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Goals and Commitments

Your goal each day can be as ambitious as you like. Your commitment is always the same, start a workout every day. Don’t get them confused. When you start you’ll probably be fired up, and after a few days you’ll … Continue reading

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How It Worked For Me

I started computer school when I was about 31, which was also when I started, like most middle-aged people, to feel like death warmed-over when I got home from my mostly sedentary job every day. So when I wanted to study … Continue reading

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