Training for the Front Lever

This is a guest post from Logan Christopher at The Lost Art of Hand Balancing.

If you’re exercising you might as well make it fun in my opinion. One way to make it fun is to strive to achieve some amazing skills, beyond the ability of most people.

For me, one of those skills is the front lever.

This is an exercise commonly used in gymnastics on the rings. You may not see it in the Olympics simply because it’s too easy for those athletes, but it is an essential skill and one that leads up to what they do. And that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It requires full body tension and phenomenally strong abdominals and lats.

In this article I’m going to give you five progressions to follow to the front lever. In order to do these moves you’ll need gymnastic rings or any pullup bar. I often train at a local park myself on the playground set.

Work up to a 30 second hold in each exercise before moving onto the next one.

Tuck Lever

Front Lever Tuck

The tuck lever is done by holding onto the bar. From there you pull your legs up and basically hang like a ball with your back pointed towards the ground.

Advanced Tuck Lever

Front Lever Adv Tuck

In this move you’re going to straighten out your back. This increase the leverage and thus makes the move harder. In fact all these moves are about using leverage. Also make sure that your back is then level with the ground.

One Leg Lever

Front Lever One Leg

From the advanced tuck position you keep one leg tucked in and straighten the other one out until its completely extended. Be sure to work both sides.

Advanced One Leg Lever

Here we have one leg extended and then begin to extend the other leg. The foot should come in line with the knee of the extended leg. This may not seem like a big jump but it is. Once again, work both sides.

Full Lever

Front Lever

Now you extend both legs fully and completely and hold this position. By now you should have quite the six pack and not only will it look great but it will be super strong as well. (Note that I haven’t achieved this move yet and this image was taken from a dynamic move.)

By spending a little time in your workouts following this progression you’ll be able to build tons of strength and with time, achieve a move that very few people in the world can do.

Logan is an experienced physical culturist that started his passion for gymnastics from his high school time.You can read the knowledge he shares with us on his personal website where you can learn things like how to do a backflip and many more.

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