Why HoopRock? – Sep 3, 2014

I could say it’s because of HoopRock, along with JumpRock, that I’m in this kind of shape at age 67. Even better, I’m in the best shape of my life and expect to improve on that to 68 and beyond. Retroactively that’s kind of sad, right now it’s great to have more agility and stamina than at any time in my life. Actually more agility and stamina that I would have ever dreamed possible for me.

But that’s totally subjective. You should watch the video and judge for yourself.

So a possible reason for why Hooprock? If I’m in better shape than you expect to be at 67.

But there’s an even better reason. Both JumpRock and HoopRock are fun. I don’t know how they could not be for anyone who nods their head or taps their toe to music. It takes a little practice every day, but with persistence comes skill and then fun.

Fun is actually the best reason why HoopRock.

Fun might seem like the most trivial reason, but fun is the only reason I hooped and jumped enough to be in this kind of shape.

Fitness is also a great reason

True, but I talk about that in the video and demonstrate why I think HoopRock is great for toning and building muscle. I’ll do more posts specifically on the subject of how I think HoopRock and JumpRock are unique in that you work each side of the body against the other. And because you’re on your toes each side of your body is always in a flexed position from your toes up though just below the ribcage. As you move the angles and forces are constantly changing.

I plan to do more videos that get more specific about different aspects of HoopRock and JumpRock with posts to go with them.


I'll be 70 in less than 6 months (it's Dec 2016 now) and never expected to be in this kind of shape or have this kind of stamina, at any age. Then I discovered JumpRock at 55 and HoopRock at 66. Both are so much fun it's actually easy to get fit and stay that way; this blog is to encourage you to follow my example and be in great shape yourself going into old age - that's all I can promise for now - we'll see how actual old age goes. I'm highly optimistic.
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