Workouts Oct 17-18, 2014

I post these videos so people can judge whether I’m in better shape than they expect to be at 67, and whether I’m having fun. The question I’m asking myself is, Am I gaining on getting rid of the remaining fat and loose skin or is it gaining on me? After three weeks on a semi-diet I can tell for sure that I’m gaining but I could be doing better.

In the past I’ve seen miniscule improvements in both fat loss and less visible loose skin almost every week, and I’ve been doing this so long it’s made a real difference. But even though relatively speaking there’s not much left it’s still more than I want to see. It feel so great not having to carry so much around, so I’m thinking it’s going to be fantastic to not carry any and I’m getting really impatient.

So I went on a diet about three weeks ago and I thought I was seeing results the last couple of weekends, but this week I’m fairly certain that I’m losing the fat faster than I was. But I still need to be more strict; not just to lose weight, but because I feel better when I eat clean – especially when I wake up the next morning. I’m pretty good during the week, I’ve really learned to appreciate how much better it is to get to work feeling fairly empty. It makes the whole day better. On the weekend I can work out if I’m not feeling tip-top in the morning – at work I can’t do that. As usual, how I feel motivates me to cut the junk food more than losing weight.

And maybe I’m not losing any faster. Maybe I just hit one of those points where the fat bottoms out over a strategic area giving the illusion I lost a lot. Either way I’m happy to see the difference. I’m so looking forward to the day when for all practical purposes the fat is gone. I’m pretty happy with my condition overall, although I would always be happy to have more muscle, but I really want the fat to be gone so I can see what’s there clearly.

I added a new “move” this weekend, which is hooping with your hands clasped behind your back. I think I’ll call it “Hidden Hula Hands”, but I’m open to suggestions. I thought it would just be a new challenge to agility, but I think even more than that it’s going to be a good way to work the core with more emphasis. I discovered if you try to direct your body by moving your shoulders it requires a lot of effort coordinated between the obliques and hips to maintain control over both the hoop and keeping your balance, so I’m pretty excited.

I intend post a blog article on the subject, but you can see “Hidden Hula Hands” now in the post of all the songs from the most recent weekend which can be viewed here. I get into it more after about the sixth song on the 18th when I realized I could grasp my forearms behind my back instead of must clasping hands.

These are some of the songs I hooped to this weekend (Oct 17-18), demonstrating “Heavy Hula Hands”, Multiple Hoops, and Arm Hoops. Playlists in each category can be accessed from the videos below by clicking on the Playlist icon or Next and Previous buttons, depending on your browser.

These are products I use in my workouts.

I don’t have the personality to be a great HoopRock and JumpRock evangelist.

All I can do is to try and offer myself as an example. So I publish videos of all the songs I hoop or jump to each weekend, allowing people to judge for themselves and see how much fun jumping and hooping can be.

Judge for yourself the kind of shape I’m in, my stamina, and whether I’m having fun or not. If I’m in better shape than you expect to be at 67, or if you don’t enjoy your workouts now, you should give hooping and jumping to music a try. I started exercising every day to feel good, but the real payoff might be the kind of shape I’m in going into old age. Either way, it’s the best possible way I know to get all your cardio and some of your resistance training.

Just hooping without any “add-ons”, such as Heavy Hula Hands, is actually plenty of exercise and more fun actually. But I’d like to burn off the remaining fat, and these offer an additional challenge and conquering them makes “just hooping” that much more fun because it seems effortless by comparison and you have so much more control.

Here are some questions I ask myself to keep going when I used to ride the stationary bike and still today on some nights when I do weights

When you don’t want to work out after work because you feel exhausted but it’s really just lethargy and angst, ask yourself “Do I want to keep on feeling like this? How much worse could working out actually be?”

And during the first few minutes when you’re tempted to quit and just go flop down on the couch “If I stop now, am I going to feel any better than I did before?”

I'll be 70 in less than 6 months (it's Dec 2016 now) and never expected to be in this kind of shape or have this kind of stamina, at any age. Then I discovered JumpRock at 55 and HoopRock at 66. Both are so much fun it's actually easy to get fit and stay that way; this blog is to encourage you to follow my example and be in great shape yourself going into old age - that's all I can promise for now - we'll see how actual old age goes. I'm highly optimistic.
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