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Rich the QFE GuyHi, my name is Rich. If you watched my JumpRock videos and knew my background you’d be totally amazed at the shape I’m in at the age of 65 – I’m amazed, and I lived it. The purpose of this blog is to convince as many people as possible they can achieve the same – and it doesn’t have to be jump rope. JumpRock is my way of demonstrating what is possible for just an average person. I was never athletic, I was probably slightly below average in that line – the only team I ever played on was my 6th grade softball team in 1959 and I rode the bench most of the time. In spite of access to a free swimming pool my summers around then were spent as much as possible playing board games and watching daytime re-runs of shows like “Love That Bob!”; which was the launch pad for many of the later stars and supporting casts of The Beverly Hillbillies (in prime time about then) and years later, ”The Brady Bunch”. I wander from my point, which makes my point – I’m old – no, actually I think it was I never showed any athletic potential my whole life and chose to be inert whenever possible. Oh, two points.

So, between the two, I hate exercise, I believe it’s normal to hate exercise. Oh, I wanted to be buff. I wanted so, so badly to be buff, but not badly enough; In my twenties I failed many times to get any kind of exercise program going because I couldn’t get past that hard place where you actually have to start a workout day after day; and when I failed, I felt guilty, so it was easier to just give up on the idea altogether. Fortunately, about 30 years ago I literally stumbled on a technique that gets you past the hard place. I’ll tell you what it is right now, and I hope you just go for it and it works for you – but I’m afraid most people will just blow it off – this blog is to convince them they shouldn’t. Maybe it won’t work for you, but do you want to miss out on the chance you could be in this kind of shape at age 65?

So here it is, the basis of Quest For Endorphins:

First of all, the emphasis is totally on the pleasure that results from exercise. All the other benefits are important, but in QFE, the long-term goal is to associate exercise with pleasure, so that’s always the focus. The short-term goal is to establish a habit. You can establish a habit through repetition. However, it’s just too hard to force yourself to workout every day because of the hard place, so you have to make it softer. For now, let’s just worry about establishing the habit by commiting to only starting a workout every day – don’t commit to how long it will be, just start and quit as soon as you feel like it. The only approach I know where you get credit for going through the motions!!! I think the conventional wisdom on habits is that it takes about six weeks. But the idea is that by getting the positive feedback every day from the endorphins and overall energy boost that you gradually become unwilling to just give in to lethargy because you’ve felt the difference day after day.

So that’s it – if you deliberately do nothing more than go through the motions day after day then obviously it won’t work. But if you consistently make an honest effort you’ll be amazed at how different you feel once you get started when you know you can quit as soon as you like – it’s easy to do ‘just a little more’ when you know that. But you have to at least get started to get the blood moving.

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  1. Hello Rich!! I am the user “chrc” from youtube. As I told him, I’m from Brazil. Sorry my English but use the Google Translator. His videos move me enough. Your idea of ​​putting videos of you jumping rope with a background music for each video is amazing. I started jumping rope at the end of June and back and forth I never stopped. Always jump rope listening to music and it gives me more motivation. I learned that no matter how you jump, but what you feel when you jump. Examples like yours that will not let me stop. Can you demonstrate the pleasure you feel while exercising. I have shown that your example to my facebook friends. Surely you just won another fan, this time in Brazil. I wish you much health, always keep posting more videos and thank you for posting this again with the song “Keep On Trying” background. Hugs for you!!

    • Rich says:

      Hi Carlos,

      I really appreciate your comments. I will always post “Keep On Trying” and I will tell you whenever I replace the video with a new one. Hugs for you too!!!

      I hope you keep jumping rope. It changed my life. I don’t think I could stand being this old if I didn’t exercise.


  2. REMARKABLE!!!! totally impressed with your wonderful rhythmatic perfectly to song – jumping! you have great rhythm and style. keep up the great work. very impressive///

    • Rich says:

      Thanks!!! It’s the result of almost ten years of having fun. I started learning at 55 and I was terrible. It was really tedious to learn but I practiced a little every day. I had been in the habit of riding a stationary bike after work every day from the age of 31, when I went to computer school and discovered I needed a boost in the evening to study. Anyway, even though I was worn out after only a few minutes of missing over and over, it served the same purpose and didn’t take very long.

      Eventually I could actually jump and at some point it became fun to jump to music. It’s been more and more fun ever since, I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life and still getting better, and I’m getting better at JumpRock. And I have a connection to all the songs jump to that I wouldn’t have otherwise. None of them seem “old” to me. There’s no possible way my life could be better at 65 that doesn’t involve free cash.

      Well, actually there could. Some corporation could sponsor me. Good will for them, I get my message out to a lot of people, even better for my karma, and I get to jump for a living. The older I get the more likely it is. Gotta take off the last of this fat though. That’s the other thing. It seems to gradually grind off the fat even if you don’t diet seriously. Oh, I also recommend doing weights. I started a little over a year ago and I get better results now than when I was younger. I think it’s the combination.

      Anyhoo, thanks for commenting, tell your friends, because I think almost anyone could have as much fun and get the same or better benefits. It’s the most fun thing I do and I’d jump more if I had the time. I’d feel guilty about the time I do spend if it wasn’t so good for me.

  3. angela says:

    It is a great way to get movin…music…especially because I don’t skip, I dance, or aerobics, whatever I fancy to do to the music, and the chorus is usually good, gives a bit of a break !! Cheers, I’m only 53, but finally having a ball!!! Cause I don’t care what the neighbours think! Luv my iPod, but damn, misplaced the damn thing again??? rofl

  4. hairball says:

    I would like to use music like “Jump” and others on my future videos. Was it a hassle to get get YouTube to approve your JumpRock video?
    Well done. I’ll be 65 in a few months. I do a lot of hiking to help stay fit :)

    • Rich says:

      You just have to take your chances. If the publisher makes a big issue they give you a strike. Three strikes and you lose your account. If you don’t have any for six months a strike goes away. But I had one from the artist ‘formerly known as’ that lasted for over a year. By all means don’t post songs by him. I don’t even like referring to him. I haven’t had a strike in quite awhile but I avoid any artist that I’ve been burned on. They do let you know if a song infringes but usually that just means they’ll put ads next to it. They may block you in some countries. Germany gets blocked a lot. The USA not too much, at least for the songs I use. Anything you see that I’ve posted is probably safe against a strike. They match on the audio so don’t try using a bogus name. They have a page about copyrights and make it sound like you should never infringe – I think they have to. Also just because one person doesn’t get burned doesn’t mean another won’t. And they do change status. I’ve been burned on songs that I had posted for months. ‘Sister Moonshine’ comes to mind.

  5. hairball says:

    Hi Rich:

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks for that information and insite :)
    I had a strike, I guess it was. I used part of a ZZ Top song for a spoof video I did of myself.
    The video was never public so maybe that’s why it didn’t get deleted.
    Thanks again
    “Hairball” :)

  6. Richard says:

    How long ago was that? I haven’t gotten a strike for a long time so I’m curious if they even give them anymore.

  7. n. robinson says:

    You are a great inspiration! And I like your new look. The beard makes you look younger!

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