Guest Post: The Importance of Whole Body Training

This is a post from Kyle Bardenas. I have no professional qualifications to express an opinion on this article. But my personal experience with JumpRock over the last ten years causes me to agree. One additional benefit I find with JumpRock is that I can keep going longer because I distribute the effort across different muscle groups at varying angles, which should also be true for other variations of full body workouts. However, if your routine does not include weights, such as JumpRock, I recommend weight training 3 days a week on alternating days with your cardiovascular exercise. I added weights about a year ago and my results improved rapidly – Richard / QFEGuy

The Importance of Whole Body Training

Full body workouts are important for many reasons, especially if you want to get the best benefit for your body and make your time spent at the gym worth it. Too many people just jump on any program to get started, without looking at the big picture. All programs have good and bad to them, but making the decision to do full body workouts will prove beneficial for everyone. Below are some of the main reasons you should make sure workouts are full body, and not focused on a single area or muscle group.

Time Commitment

Full body workouts require less time at the gym then other types of workouts. These workouts can actually be done two to three days of a week (instead of everyday) leaving you more free time! Of course, depending on how you want to personally structure your own workout, you may find it takes a bit longer to complete. However, you will still likely spend less time at the gym than you would if you were rotating an upper body/lower body/chest/legs split routine.

Fat Loss

Full body workouts are ideal for fat loss. If you are trying to lose fat with a diet, you’re probably eating much less in calories than you were before. Your body will be looking for more calories, so there will be a much lower amount of recovery reserves. Either way, you still have to work your muscles two times a week to ensurefat loss, so skipping workouts is not a good choice. A full body routine helps with fat loss, because twice a week, you will be working those muscles, but there won’t be too much needed by the body for recovering. There is always a risk of losing muscle on a diet meant for fat loss, so a full body workout two times a week will be the perfect compromise!

Less CNS Fatigue

Another great advantage of a full body workout is the small amount of stress put on the central nervous system on a weekly basis. Stress is actually put on the central nervous system every time you lift a weight. To prevent overstressing it, you need to give the central nervous system some breaks in your training program. This can happen with any full body workout, since you don’t need to do it every day of the week!

Testosterone Boost

Testosterone makes a huge difference when it comes to adding muscle to your body. The more testosterone you have, the faster you build muscle. With full body workouts, you will be making the best of a combination of exercises that work all the muscles, and this will release the most testosterone possible.

Think about the benefits of full body workouts and give it some consideration. Some people completely overlook them, but now you don’t have to worry about that!

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